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We are now open and ready to serve those in need of high quality medical grade cannabis, free of mold and mildew. Our goal is to be the most professional retail outlet for medical marijuana through
out the world. With more health care professionals recommending and prescribing marijuana to their patients, we at Medical Marijuana Meds Shop SERVICE have seen the need for access to expand  to a far wider community.
Our goal is to offer a new kind of store to this expanding market. The Nature's Botanicals store is clean, safe and professional. We wanted to create a space where the elderly arthritis sufferer would feel as comfortable as the established medical marijuana user.

Featured Products

Blue Dream

Looks: The buds were light green.  It was some caked up bud with neon hairs.

Smell: This Blue Dream had an overpowering sweet blueberry smell.
Taste: The taste was just like the smell.  Mildly sweet on the inhale and a strong blueberry flavor on the exhale.
Buzz Type: Sativa all the way.  It hit me hard and strong right away with cerebral effects.

Jack Herer

Looks: These nugs looked like tiny, airy, wet Christmas trees.

Smell: Went from “yuck” to “meh” after a week’s curing.  I’m thinking these guys rush their herbs to market.  If anything, it smells like pencils.  Major deduction here.
Taste: Wow!  Where the hell did THAT come from? Perfumey, spicy, flowery haze.  Few herbs are as tasty as JH.  Most decent herbs in the 70?s had that “haze” taste.

Buzz Type: More indica than I expected.  Pretty much just an overall mellow.  Not what I was expecting.

White Widow

Looks: The look was great.  It was very crystal looking and the bud was very dense.  It had white and reddish hairs on it.

Smell: The smell was amazing.  After I harvested it and dried it out, the smell really showed itself.  It was a very loud smell.  It kind of smelled like a blend of citrus and a skunky smell.
Taste: The taste was amazing also.  It tasted exactly like it smelled, and the smoke was very smooth.
Buzz Type: The buzz started out in my head, and then crept into my body and hit me all at once.  It was a very strong cerebral high and it gave me the giggles lol.  I liked it a lot.

Sour Diesel

Looks: Spot on! Sour Diesel has the prototypical Sour D look where the swollen, resin covered empty seed pods loosely seem to grow in vertical “foxtail” like buds.
Smell: 1 word, SOUR. I know your saying to yourself “duh, what else?”. Trust me when I tell you that not all Sour D is Sour smelling.
Taste: Sour D tastes a lot like it smells in that the sourness is ever present.
Buzz Type: Energetic to say the least. Very inspirational and creative buzz that will have you talking up a storm. Not for introverts.

OG Kush

Looks: Small green popcorn size nugs with orange to brown pistils.
Smell: Strong Kush scent. If you have ever tried 707 Headband you will know the signature smell when you take a whiff of this herb.
Taste: Similar to the smell. OG Kush left me with a nice aftertaste in my mouth.

Buzz Type: Some couch lock may be involved. The indica effects were not too overpowering. Just that classic OG buzz.

Granddaddy OG

Looks: The flower is light green with slight neon orange hairs and forest green leaves.
Smell: This flower smells like some strong sour OG (sweet but with a slight hint of sour pine)
Taste: This particular flower has a taste like no other.  It is very, very sweet yet has hints of sour pine with an indescribable mouth watering OG aftertaste that is complex.
Buzz Type: The buzz from this medicine is amazing!!  The high has a very strong narcotic effect. It’s great for body pain as well as anxiety.  This is one of the greatest highs I have had, in a very long time.